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Expectations is often the key to a peaceful journey, the following description shall help you get a clearer understanding of whether your expectations are aligned with our offerings.

mutual funds

Terms & Conditions
We only work with Investors who fulfill the following criteria

a) Minimum SIP Investment of Rs 5,000 or Lump sum Investment of Rs 50,000. *

b) Investors who have set aside an emergency amount prior to investing.

c) Investors who have a minimum time horizon of 5 years for equity investing, the longer the better.

d) Investors who understand that discipline and patience is of utmost importance when it comes to  Equity Investing.

e) We only take on board investors who are KYC verified.

f) We do not accept physical forms,all investments are made via online platforms.

*You can make investments below Rs 5,000 in SIP and Rs 50,000 in Mutual Funds but we do not take on board investors with an investment amount below that.

In case of further queries, you can mail us at info@themutualfundguide.com   

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