About Us

The Mutual Fund Guide is a Mutual Fund services platform for Mutual Fund Investments.

The objective behind it is to help navigate investors through the chaotic terrains of the world of Mutual Fund investing.

Equity Investing is Simple but not Easy.

  1. We strive towards helping you reach your goals, notice how the term goals was not preceded by financial goals.
  2. This is because we work towards life goals and not financial goals.
  3. Successful Life Stories are more powerful than successful financial goals, even though both may seem synonymous.
  4. Statistics look great on excel sheets but that’s not where empires are built.
  5. Being able to accumulate Rs 25 Lakhs for your Daughter’s Wedding is a goal but wanting to accumulate Rs 25 Lakhs without a goal attached is a desire.
  6. The Equity Markets reward you with what you deserve and not what you desire.
  7. Personal Finance is more about the person and less about finances.
  8. Investing has often been wrongly attributed to finances when in fact it is about investment behaviour.
  9. We work towards moulding an Investor’s behaviour that is consistent towards his/her goal for behaviour varies person to person and cannot be gauged by with numerical expectations.

Unfortunately there seems to be ample information these days across various mediums but not enough knowledge.

Knowing the past returns of a particular scheme is information but knowing why the returns are what they are or whether they align with your goals is knowledge.

We work to help you bridge the gap between the two.

Price is what you pay but Value is what you get, unfortunately free but improper suggestions masquerading as professional  advice is rampant in modern times.

A massive issue with this modern approach to investing (more like gambling) is the difference between right and wrong is gauged on social backing without any empirical evidence or a thought out process. Social validation is a powerful instrument, the fortune of social media platforms attest to that sentiment.

It’s one thing to take risks, it’s another to take calculative risks and we help you with the latter.

Explaining our Logo

The three circles in green represent moving wheels, work in progress.

Mentioned below is a time-line on how the wheel has been in various instances over the course of human history.  
a) Circa 3500 BC – The wheel is invented

b) Potter’s wheel is used for the first time

c) The wheel is used to transport food and water enabling settlements away from rivers

d) The wheel is used in chariots for transporting, hunting, racing and in wars.

e) Wheel used in the invention of astrolabes used by explorers.

f) Spinning wheels used for the first time in India for spinning thread

g) The wheel is used in clocks

h) The first steam engine is put to use including wheels

i) The wheel plays an important role in the industrial revolution

j)The first automobile is invented running on wheels

k)The first airplane takes off with the help of wheels

l)The Indian National Movement for freedom uses the wheel as an emblem on their flag.

The wheel has been a constant contributor for centuries and yet its presence has not been eroded. With time though, there have been variations of it and it has been used according to changing times but the fundamentals of it have remained intact.

Our logo is merely a testament to that and the importance of sticking to your principles irrespective of changing times and yet being open to new ideas that do not alter the very fabrics of investing.

It is a modern variant of that very wheel, one that symbolizes continuity and growth.

When the foundations are strong, a building can manage 5 storeys or 50, makes no difference.

The three wheels represent the importance of staying true to your principles and fundamentals and making sure you never go astray for the process is what eventually garners results.

We value process and discipline over events.

We humbly request you to pay heed to the following prior to any query, observation or conclusion

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