Mentioned below are the details of the commission/brokerage earned by The Mutual Fund Guide from the various fund houses that are associated with it.

Asset Type Upfront Trail
Equity NIL 0.79%
Hybrid NIL 0.78%
Debt NIL 0.38%
ELSS NIL 0.80%
The above mentioned figures are average 

Take Note:
The information provided herein has been calculated after receiving the same from the respective AMC's and is to the best of our knowledge.

Any update on the same would be periodically updated herein as well and you are needed to go through them before investing via us.

The above mentioned rates are subject to change without any prior consent and in accordance with the agreement between The Mutual Fund Guide and the various AMC's.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, please read the offer document carefully before investing.

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