The Value of Money & your relationship with it


Money was created historically to replace the barter system, to work as a medium of exchange.

Today, it would not be incorrect to say that the world revolves around it.

Kingdoms have perished and so have countless lives and cultures all in the pursuit of it.

Countless lives have also been bettered, saved and numerous countries and their citizens uplifted because of money.

Money in the right hand is an asset, in the wrong a liability.

You can tell a lot about a person by not how much he makes but by how he manages what he makes.

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The Value of Money

Technically speaking the value of money is all about supply and demand, the money you have in hand today (no matter how small the amount) is multiple times more valuable than the money you will/might have tomorrow (no matter how big the amount).

Life is anything but technical though.

Contrary to popular belief, money does not change people.

It only brings to the fore and limelight who they already were but with options aplenty.

If you were prudent with your money when you had limited income, you will continue to do so even when your income grows.

If you collected debt with limited income, you will continue to accumulate debt with an increase in your income.

If you cannot manage a small amount, you cannot handle a bigger one.

Money gives you options when you feel like you had none, this is both a blessing as well as a curse depending on you.

If you invested earlier, you will invest more and in more avenues you never considered an option before.

If you bought that latest smart phone on emi earlier, you will buy an even more expensive one you never considered earlier.

The value of money is not determined by how big or small the amount is but rather how valuable the amount is to you and when.

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Principles/ethics/morals whatever the synonym you subscribe to is personal and subjective.

What is immoral and unethical for one may not be for another and vice versa.

Where you draw the line is completely up to you no matter how hypocritical that may sound.

A person struggling with a job hunt will go with the first offer, no matter how immoral or unethical he may find the business.

Remember the key word here being immoral and not illegal.

Being financially independent allows you the ‘privilege’ to stand your ground and not succumb to the first job offer.


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Having a Spine

Humans are vertebrates meaning they have a spine, money allows you to use it.

Money changes the way you speak, it makes you confident and more importantly it gives you the strength to look into another person’s eyes when communicating, an art form that needs refining.

Money allows you to do both, speak your mind and walk the talk.

You can walk away from a job that does not respect you enough.

You can buy that slightly expensive product from a brand that engages in ethical practices rather than one that is cheaper but resorts to immoral practices according to you.

It is one thing to have a strong belief, another to actually have the ability to execute that strong belief.

If you can walk, you might as well walk with a spine. 



Debt is a terrible place to be, financially or otherwise.

Debt ages you, it makes you miserable.

It takes planning to both avoid it and once in it, to get out of it.

It lowers your self esteem and makes you less optimistic about the future.

It rushes you to pick the cheaper option rather than the more valuable one.

Debt is a vicious cycle, the harder you try to get out, the deeper you get entrenched.

It lowers your ‘worth' in your own eyes, the worst form of disrespect.    


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Money changes the way you look at others and how others look at you.

This is not about validation, far from it.

A person with money upgrades both his thoughts as well as the people he is surrounded with.

This does not mean he looks down on those less fortunate but rather is selective about his company.

You would rather seek an exchange of ideas that enriches you mentally, emotionally and practically than be an audience to someone constantly wallowing in his misery caused by the lack of money.  

That is indeed a harsh perspective towards life, the real world where you live your life does not care about your perspective !


One of the greatest gifts that money can provide you with is both the ability as well as the privilege to say no to others.


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Your perspective about money and towards money has a lot to do with your first impressions of money.

Kids are impressionable and seeds planted during childhood are often very difficult to shake.

Someone who has seen what the lack of money can result in will pursue it aggressively.

Someone who has seen a conservative approach towards money will more likely take that path as well.

Those who surround themselves with others that are comfortable in their limited means may most likely never get out of that comfort zone.

Your initial understanding of money, watching your parents approach towards it, your first pay cheque and the sort of money conversations (if any) you have with your circle goes a long way in influencing your approach towards the pursuit and management of it.

Your parents and their parents were right in their belief of avoiding risks with money and thereby the affection for fixed deposits to grow the capital.

The same is true today as well except that complete amount in fixed deposits would mean erosion of capital.

The definition of risk is still the same, only the mode to avoid has changed.

You were raised in a different yesterday for a different tomorrow, do not feel guilty to think for yourself today.



Peace of mind

Money gives you peace of mind, you are less worried about the future.

Abundance does not mean life is stress free, it only means you worry less about your needs.

You are less worried about being laid off and an employee that works with less worry is more valuable to his organization.

If you plan well then you worry less about the usual landmarks of life, from buying a house to your kid's future education.

Mind you though, abundance does bring along with it its own set of problems but that’s life for you, if it wants to worry you then it will always find a way.

A man who sets aside an emergency fund worries less about what if !



Respect is a two way street, something that sadly still needs to be stated in today’s time and age.

If you do not respect your money, do not expect it to reward you.

People often complain about decreasing disposable income and increasing cost of living and yet have endless subscriptions that rarely gets utilized.

They harp on about the struggles of making money and then end up taking financial advice from those unqualified to do so, you would think the constant struggle of income would make them rethink this approach but not really.

You would think they would value their hard earned money considering the struggle but alas!

From a colleague to a relative to that random facebook group, everyone gets their moment of attention under the sun.

Except of course the one who is professionally qualified to do so, that is too boring !

A bit like getting an important medical surgery done on yourself by someone other than a qualified doctor.

We are living during times of unlimited information with limited knowledge.

It makes no sense and yet it does, human behaviour is as predictable as it is unpredictable.  

If you are still stubborn on digging your own grave then rather take financial advice from someone living today on yesterday’s meagre income than from someone living today flamboyantly on tomorrow’s income.


         Money is not the most important thing in your life, neither is it any less important than your health and relationships.

Life is akin to yoga, balance is key.

The isolated and aggressive pursuit of anything with no regard for anything else is unhealthy, money is no different.  

Yet society celebrates and perpetuates the quintessential notion of romance in various art forms from novels to movies, the commercialization of which has been providing regular income for centuries but brands anyone engaged in the pursuit of money for the betterment of life as materialistic.  

Acknowledge the progress achieved by society, don’t overestimate it though.

Being money minded does not equate to being materialistic.


Money is no guarantee of happiness but it sure does make your life comfortable.


        There is absolutely nothing romantic about being poor although philosophers, poets and painters may have a different take on it and yet have their work published, sold and auctioned.

The poor appreciates art, the rich is enamoured by it but the wealthy actually collects it.

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