Whiteoak Capital Balanced Advantage Fund NFO launched


Whiteoak Capital Mutual Fund is coming out with a NFO in the form of Whiteoak Capital Balanced Advantage Fund.

Whiteoak Capital Balanced Advantage Fund as the name suggests, would be a Balanced Advantage fund.

The fund would be open for subscription from January 20, 2023 to February 03, 2023.


whiteoak mutual fund

NFO details for Whiteoak Capital Balanced Advantage Fund

Scheme Opens


Scheme Closes


Fund Manager

Mr. Ramesh Mantri

Ms. Trupti Agrawal

Mr. Piyush Baranwal


Crisil Hybrid 50+50- Moderate Index

Minimum Investment


Fund Category

Dynamic Asset Allocation

Exit Load

1% if units are redeemed/switched out within 1 month from date of allotment.

Nil thereafter


Whiteoak Capital Balanced Advantage Fund would be a dynamic asset allocation or balanced fund.


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Whiteoak Capital Balanced Advantage Fund Investment Objectives

The investment objective of the fund is to generate capital appreciation by dynamically allocating its assets between equity and specified debt securities.

There is no guarantee that the investment objectives of the scheme would be achieved.



Are you investing in the right mutual funds?

Whiteoak Capital Balanced Advantage Fund Allocation

The asset allocation for the fund would be something like this

Asset Class

Minimum %

Maximum %

Equity and Equity Related instruments



Debt & Money Market Securities




The above figures are only indicative and not fixed, the fund managers have the liberty to move across the asset classes depending upon prevailing market conditions as long as they remain within the mandate permitted.



What is a balanced advantage fund? 

A dynamic asset allocation fund is more popularly known as a balanced advantage fund.

A balanced advantage fund is a type of hybrid fund.

It invests in debt, equity and arbitrage positions although the allocation is not fixed and can also sit on cash if the fund manager desires so.

Unlike other hybrid funds like multi asset, aggressive and conservative, a dynamic asset allocation or a balanced fund does not have a fixed mandate to follow.

The fund manager can move across different asset classes based on the prevailing market conditions.

The importance of a balanced fund is more felt during a bearish market phase since it can cut down its equity portion and at the same time make periodic equity purchases in the dip.

This is unlike other pure equity funds who at all times have to maintain their mandate irrespective of the market situation.


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This fund is suitable for investors seeking:

Capital appreciation while generating income over medium to long term.

Investments in a dynamically managed portfolio of equity and equity related instruments and debt and money market instruments.

A nfo means a new fund from a mutual fund house which was not available earlier.

With growing acceptance of mutual funds as a form of investment, mutual fund houses periodically introduce new fund offers so as to complete their basket of investments available for investors.

A NFO is usually what results in the beginning of a mutual fund scheme.

Other reasons being merger of schemes within the same fund house or merger or acquisition of two or more fund houses, these are rare instances though.


NFO meaning

A nfo or a new fund offer is a method by which a mutual fund scheme raises the initial investment into the fund.

The new fund offer is available for purchase for a limited number of days only.

After which it becomes unavailable for fresh purchase or redemption for a couple of days.

Once this time duration is complete, the nfo no more remains a nfo and is treated like any other open ended mutual fund scheme.

In which you can invest and redeem as and when you please, considering it is an open ended fund and you comply with the necessary exit load calculations.


Are you investing in the right mutual funds?


Should you invest in a nfo?

You can consider it if:

The new fund offer is a category of fund that is not existent in your mutual fund portfolio.

If it is going to be a part of your satellite portfolio.

If it adds a unique touch to your mutual fund portfolio.

If you understand the functioning, objectives and risks attached with the new fund offer.

The nfo mutual fund is aligned with your risk profile.


You should avoid it if:

The new fund offer is not going to add anything of unique significance to your mutual fund portfolio.

If the nfo is going to be a part of your core portfolio.

If the only reason you are investing is due to FOMO (Fear of missing out).

If you do not understand the investment style and risks attached with the nfo.

The nfo mutual fund is not aligned with your risk profile.




Should you invest in Whiteoak Capital Balanced Advantage fund?

Since this is a balanced advantage fund, there is enough scope for the fund manager to move across asset classes.

Every fund manager in the dynamic asset allocation category has the freedom to manage the fund as per her liking therefore there is no one method and comparison.

It is better to allow the fund progress for some months before even considering it, so you can have a better understanding of the fund and then arrive at a conclusion whether the functioning of the fund is aligned with your objectives or not.


Unlike equity funds, a balanced advantage fund has less restrictions and more flexibility meaning every fund manager will manage it in a manner that she feels fit.

With a balanced advantage fund, how it does in a bull market is of less importance compared to how it performs in a bear market and that is how its nav should also be judged.

If high returns is all you focus on then a balanced advantage fund should not take your time and money.



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